Brows By Dae 

"She has fire in her soul and a killer pair of eyebrows"



Threading is a natural hair removal technique. The process in which unwanted hair is removed using %100 cotton thread. The hair is twisted and pulled directly from the follicle leaving the skin with little to no irritation. The service last approximately 10-14 days.


A semi-permanent method that is done manually by using a small pen with fine rows of needles that creates thin hair like strokes.The blade deposits the cosmetic pigment into the skin giving the appearance of a fine crisp, and natural looking hair stroke that last 12-18 months. 

Keratin Lash Lift

A great alternative, and low maintenance solution to lash extensions! The lash lift is designed to lift lashes without adding any false strands. Using your own lash they are permed against a silicone pad to give the natural lift. Leaving the lashes looking fuller, darker, and curvier. Last 6-8 weeks.


All facial products used are organic and, designed to work with the natural system of your skin. Your face is left feeling fresh and healthy after absorbing all the natural nutrient's and enzymes! You'll be able to achieve a vibrant glow the natural way without all the chemical's.

Brow Tinting

A semi-permanent dye is used to color the brow hair. This technique is great for giving the brow a little more color if the hair is lighter or just looking for a little more definition . Last 2-3 weeks.

Lash Tinting

A semi-permanent black dye is used to color the lashes. Leaving the lash with a bold color pop you wont need mascara for 3-4 weeks.